Revolutionary Pen Flush

Don’t use the same old Ammonia and Dish Soap recipe!

Dr. G’s is Ammonia Free and Non-Corrosive!

Dr. G’s prescription for good pen hygiene: It is time for a good flush!  

  • Whenever you change inks…. and need to get that old color out!
  • Whenever you put your inked pen away too long….
  • If you have nib creep or skipping….

Put some Dr. G’s Fountain Pen Flush in a clean ink sample vial, or any other small container. Or use the “On the Go” Pen Flush Concentrate and some water!

Rinse your pen nearly clear with water. Then fill your pen with Dr. G’s Fountain Pen Flush.  Allow it to sit for a few minutes if there is any dried ink. Empty. Repeat as needed.  Best if you flush your pen with water after using the Dr. G’s Fountain Pen Flush

Pro Tip!!!  Squirt a little into the cap, let it sit for a few minutes, and dissolve old ink from the inner cap!!! Swab the inside with a cotton swab and finish with a quick water rinse.

Need a more compact version for pen shows, meetings, ink swaps, etc? Then try the “On the Go” Pen Flush – small bottle of concentrated flush and a nib-safe vial for diluting and flushing you pen.

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$14.45 for a big 12 oz. bottle