What prescription does your pen need?

Dr. G is proud to improve your pen’s health in a number of ways


“Not Just Deoxidizer”

Drop your tired looking hard rubber pens into the bottle. Wait 30 minutes. Out come younger looking pens! SEE VIDEO OF RESULTS!!! Also cleans off Grime, Gunk, and Crud! Contains 10 oz.

$38.25 treats a whole lot of pens!!!

Instructions for using “Not Just Deoxidizer”

“Revolutionary” Pen Flush

Ammonia Free! A good flush is an important part of proper pen hygiene! Flush your pen with Dr. G’s Pen Flush whenever you change inks, have poor flow or skipping, or you have left your pen sitting with ink for prolonged periods of time. Contains 12 oz.

$14.45 for a big 12oz. bottle

Instructions for Pen Flush

Fountain Pen Ink Remover

The Panacea for Inky Fingers! Scrub your inky skin with a rag and some Dr. G’s Fountain Pen Ink Remover and have clean hands in a jiffy! Contains 3.4 oz. (TSA compliant!)


Instructions for Ink Remover

Pen Rejuvenator Clean & Shine

Dull and Dirty Pen?

Not anymore!

Just spray Dr. G’s Fountain Pen Clean & Shine on your pen and wipe it down! Dirt is removed, shine is restored. Contains 2 oz.


Instructions for Pen Rejuvenator Clean & Shine

“On the Go” Pen Flush

Concentrated Pen Flush with a dropper, add to water in the included nib-safe flushing vial. Take pen flush with you wherever you go! Makes about 100 rounds of flush. 1 oz of concentrated power.


Instructions for using On the Go Concentrated Pen Flush

Restorer’s Package

One 10 oz “Not Just Deoxidizer”, one 2 oz Pen Rejuvenator Clean & Shine, and one 3.4 oz Fountain Pen Ink Remover.

Retail value $64.25. Yours for only $57.00!

Fountain Pen User’s Package

One 12 oz bottle of Revolutionary Pen Flush for home, one “On the Go” Pen Flush Concentrate and nib-safe flushing vial, and one 3.4 oz TSA compliant Fountain Pen Ink Remover for your hands and clothes!

A $40.15 value. Yours for only $35.00!

1 Gallon “Not Just Deoxidizer” for Pen Restoration Professionals!

128 ounces of our famous “Not Just Deoxidizer” product! That is almost 13 bottles if purchased separately! Ships in a single, one-gallon sized bottle.

A nearly $497 value….. Yours in bulk packaging for only $399.00