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So easy to do that even I can do it!

December 7, 2023

Amazing results with little to no experience in blackening hard rubber. I had a little experience with other products before but this was EASY to do on my own. Leave the pens in the deoxidizer for an hour, a couple hours, overnight even and your pen will be just fine! Results vary pen to pen but from my experiences so far, these are great products! No sticky messes to ruin your restoring experience! If you are thinking of restoring pens yourself, then these are the products for you!


Makes hard rubber pens look black again!

December 4, 2023

Not gooey and sticky. Easy to use. Great videos on YouTube by Craig Roccanova!

Buy this!


This is my product and use it everyday

December 4, 2023

We developed this to use on our pens, it turn out so good, it was a shame not to do it for community. Great stuff, we put our reputation on it.


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